Hi, I’m Kyle Shrader, and welcome to my blog. This journal will document my some of my experiences while I am working towards becoming a policy maker.

For the past few years, I have been focused on improving the quality and availability of reliable health care for minorities and immigrants in my local community. Accomplishing this goal has been demanding – and surely has had its challenging moments – but I’ve been able to pursue my dream by interning and volunteering at organizations across Illinois.

My inspiration came when my grandparents immigrated to the United States to take care of me while my parents went off to work. Coming from China, they faced many difficulties early on. Aside from cultural barriers and financial hardship, my grandparents – like so many other immigrants in this nation – were challenged with finding insurance and health care that could keep them healthy.

I have realized that there are extreme disparities between the health care immigrants and native born citizens receive. As a result, every step I have taken has been with a purpose: to build a strong educational foundation in pursuit of resolving these issues.

Here’s a little more information about myself:

I am currently in 12th grade at Hinsdale Central High School. I am the founder of the China-U.S. Youth Leadership Development Foundation-Chicago, President of the National Honors Society at HCHS, and Chairman of the Midwest Asian Health Association Youth Advisory Board. I am also a student athlete, competing in Football, Swimming, and Mixed Martial Arts year-round. Finally, I speak several languages, including English, Mandarin, and French.

-Kyle Shrader